Round The Vines, 2013

To top off an already busy (and exhausting) weekend, my friend Kristin and I missioned out to Martinborough for Round the Vines. After all, there’s nothing like a 10km run after thrashing your body the day before!
Round the Vines is a little different to your usual race – it’s a school fundraiser which the whole township rallies in behind. It’s untimed, but there are still plenty of prizes to be won – including heaps of spot prizes open to everyone who crosses the finish line.

People dressed up in all sorts of costumes. There were the Lost Boys, road cones, and several middle aged men dressed in bridal drag (complete with brightly coloured eye shadows, fake lashes, and runners!). One woman was brave enough to run through the hot, humid Martinborough weather in a giraffe onesie just like mine. We just opted for some bright green lays for St Patricks day (read: leftovers from dragon boating).

And the best part of the race was the free wine. Martinborough is a town built amongst vineyards. Quality wine made right on our doorstep – we’re a lucky bunch. Even luckier when we get to run through the vineyards getting free wine tasters!20130318-210113.jpg
In all honesty, we didn’t take the run seriously. We started running, but ended up walking the majority of the way. Or rather, we ran some parts. Usually to the wine stations. And that one time to a port-a-loo.

Eventually, we ambled over the finish line – the aches from the day before all the more apparent. The town put on a good show in the square. A band was playing, and there were various stalls fundraising for the school. Even a bar showcasing some of the local wine we tasted along the way.

We spoiled ourselves with a stylish event t-shirt and venison burger for a weekend well done!
All in all, a weekend of great bonding and excitement!

What did you get up to this weekend?

7 thoughts on “Round The Vines, 2013

  1. Free wine for a fun run? This will be me next year! Never realized they did a around the vines in Martinborough, I was looking to do the vineyard half down in Marlborough next year though.

    Looks like a pretty awesome way to spend the weekend if you ask me 🙂

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