Boot Camp: Fitness Testing & Progress!

After a week’s break, the April boot camp sessions kicked off this morning. With more fitness testing!

My very first session as testing too – I wrote about it here. And I’m glad I noted my results, because it gives me a standard platform to compare my progress.

Progress indeed!

  • Beep test results: still ‘good’ (above average) per the normative data based on age and gender, but my specific score was a touch better than last time.
  • Push ups results: from ‘very poor’ (lowest score) to ‘average’ – an increase of ~10 push ups!
  • Lower body wall squats results: from ‘above average’, almost excellent, to ‘excellent’
  • Sit up test results: from ‘above average’ to ‘excellent’… by a fair bit.
  • Plank test results: ‘average’ – right in the middle of the ‘average’ band – no change.

After the last test, I mentioned that I was going to focus on my upper body and core. And I certainly feel like I’ve improved – though my planking results don’t show it.

Next focus will be on my mental stamina: got to improve those planking and wall-sits times! Maybe crack 60 sit-ups, too?

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