Stressed Out and No One Choked!


You know you’re stressed when you come home to find your mum in your kitchen and you burst into tears. Good luck controlling yourself when you realise she’s bought you a bottle of your favourite cider, cooked you dinner and packed you a tasty lunch for tomorrow.

You might of noticed things have been a little quiet here lately – it’s just a little full on with study, work, social and finding time to sleep. The working out side of things has fallen away into that dark shady place us procrastinators call “tomorrow”.

This is bad. The working out is what keeps me sane.

I know that this isn’t a new issue. Everyone feels as though there aren’t enough hours in the day, and use it as an excuse to not exercise. To not eat right. To not look after themselves.

I don’t want that.

My work (and work related study) will always come first. That’s not negotiable. And I can’t be alone in this.

So I ask your advice: what works for you? How do you get 10-14 hours of work and study in every day while still getting a full night’s sleep, a social life and private quiet-time on top of a decent fitness routine?

Or is it more a matter of something’s gotta give and I need to re-prioritise?

14 thoughts on “Stressed Out and No One Choked!

  1. Coming out of yet another semester, that’s exactly what I allowed myself to do, make excuses about not being able to keep up with a healthy diet or exercise on the regular basis because of how much studying I had to do. (but could find enough time to make my way up to this burger joint called “Dizzy Whizz,” stuff my face and not get back to studying for at least an hour after consumption!) However, I will say that depending on what your social life consists of and what your studies are, when your studying is non-negotiable, you have to cut back on or cut out the social life and plan out your studies, work, and exercise accordingly. Also, there are 24 hours in a day, 8 of which we are to be using for sleep, leaving us with 16 to get work done. I find that going to sleep at or around 11 (which seems impossible to do in school sometimes) and waking up at about 7 or 8 will allow you to get the most out of your day. It’s all about planning and time management and this is something I’m still working on being consistent with.

    • That’s the hard part, isn’t it? Something’s got to give – looks like the social life and quiet time is the first to go. Just like being back at university…!

  2. I’ve been trying to work in some mini work outs lately. I had 20 minutes free (which felt like a miracle!) and did a quick power walk. It felt great – it at least got me moving. I also listen to a lot of podcasts while working out – do you record your classes? Could you listen to lectures while working out?

    • Hard part about my study is its emphasis on group work and computer-requiring research, making it a pain in the butt for trying to multi-task!

      The mini workouts sound like an excellent idea – especially in the mornings, when getting up an hour earlier to hit the gym sounds absolutely horrible!

  3. I wish I had some words of wisdom here, but I too struggle with this! I’ve found myself at times getting on the treadmill at 9 at night to start a workout. I just try to do something active even if its a quick walk…

    • Goos stuff! Do you have a treadmill at home, or a gym that’s open longer hours? My gym closes at 7 on weekdays (even earlier on weekends) so my running’s usually weather-dependent – at home workouts are sounding better and better!

      • I have a treadmill at home 🙂 I’ve come to realize that I only have time for short sweet workouts during the work week. I only workout at home….don’t think I’d like going to a gym?

  4. okay im the last person on the planet who should be responding to this as i have yet to really get on the bandwagon of truly taking care of myself – eating right, exercising, etc., but i suppose maybe that’s why i do have some input. im the queen of excuses. it is very easy to get sucked into that world of “tomorrow” but when i have had success it’s been when i quit the self-talk, don’t hit the snooze button and just get up and do it. like another commenter said – even if it’s just 20 min – you can feel good about doing something – that little motivation can be enough to get back on track (like i said – this has been when i have had success). secondly – something i’ve been thinking on, haven’t done yet but it’s becoming clear it will be necessary – is to come up with a schedule. plan out your day – schedule when you study and for how long and then pencil in when you can workout. as for the social life, etc. – there’s a lot that i want to do also so im thinking what i’ll have to do is schedule in a time for that, and alternate with other things (for ex. – i want to learn guitar and renew my spanish skills so i set aside 30 min a day for that kind of thing and m-w-f- it’s guitar and t-th-sat -its spanish – or something to that effect.). definitely be sure to give yourself time to sleep – that will set everything else in motion. i don’t sleep nearly as well as i used to and it contributes greatly to my excuses, etc. so maybe it’s worth by starting with ensuring you’re getting enough good sleep and the rest will follow. those are just some thoughts even if coming from someone who hasn’t been good about certain things – i have spent a lot of time mulling over how to address similar predicaments i just need to get good at it in practice. 🙂 good luck to you!

    • Never underestimate the power of knowing what doesn’t work – it leaves much more room for experimentation and creativity then simply knowing the right answer!

      I think you’re right though – the biggest thing that will help is the self discipline to do what I know I should be doing over what I want to be doing (like sleeping in). My biggest weakness!

  5. It’s hard trying to get balance in our lives. Last year I went through a similar thing – I work full time and was also studying full time. Then work got crazy busy which impacted my study time. I was a mess. I was eating crap, not exercising and feeling like crap. Not good. I decided to get up early and fit in a short run before the craziness of the day started. It also helped my stress levels. You need to find time to do something that you live each day, even if its only 30mis. You need some you-time. Hope this helps.

  6. I think reality is that there will always be a balancing act. I often try and combine things, ie catch up with friends over running rather than over coffee, or cook together but make lots of healthy food? Not sure what else sorry! =S

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