New Rules; Progress?

Since getting back from the States, I haven’t exactly lost the rest of the extra weight I’m carrying around. If you want to get technical about it, I’ve actually gained a shit tonne some. Last weigh-in I was back up to 74kg… Meaning I’ve gained back about a third of what I’d previously lost.

Am I surprised? No. I’ve been eating terribly, haven’t been working out and been concentrating on everything but my health. But enough is enough. At the very least, I shouldn’t be gaining.

Ideally, I should be at my initial goal weight soon, but realistic pessimist is my middle name so I’m not too keen to over sell it.

So this, and having my chocolate confiscated for being fat (I kid, kind of), has led to a new rule: I am no longer allowed to buy junk food, including alcohol but excluding my Coke Zero (one step at a time people!).

Now Internet, before you spin your web of ‘everything in moderation’ comments, please note the massive loophole in my rule.

I am no longer allowed to buy junk food.

Of course, I intend to stop eating it too – hence the rule in the first place. But now I’m limited as to what junk food, and when.

My sweet tooth must now be satisfied through the use of female wiles and/or pity from friends.

So far, so good. But who was I to say no when the boyfriend (boy friend?, friend with very obvious male characteristics?) – who knows the existence of this rule – offers desert in the form of a Double Choc Fudge McFlurry*? Ahh, the correct answer to that is no-one.

I was no-one to say no.
Powerless even.

I get the feeling that this new life rule will sit just fine.

* these things are so good and sooooo bad, but damn – ice cream, chocolate sauce and chunks of chocolate fudge. Yes.

5 thoughts on “New Rules; Progress?

  1. Oh wow, why haven’t I thought of that? That idea is kind of genius. Every time I binge I’m always buying my own junk food – If I can’t buy it then I’m less likely to eat it. Hmm… And that McFlurry sounds fabulous.

  2. Hmmmm that’s an interesting way to play the game – and i like it! I just wish it would work for me – I don’t usually buy junk food but encounter it at church… Perhaps it’s time for me to just stop buying it, and stop eating it unless I’ve actually been offered!

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