Better Than Hearing a Crunch


I quite enjoy sit-ups.

To say I ‘own’ them would be quite presumptuous, but I can do more than average before having to stop. More often than not, I stop from boredom rather than not having another sit-up in me.

That is, until I try some form of variation.

At the gym I rock the sit-up + medicine ball; sitting up & throwing the medicine ball forward to a target before grabbing another ball, & lowering myself down to start over. Over and over, as many times as I can in 2 minutes as part of my resistance circuit. It’s great, but boy does it test your coordination… I’ve managed to drop a medicine ball on my face, and pull my own hair while throwing the ball at the target.

Oh, then there’s the variation I only do at home; “Sprinters Sit-ups“. Trying that, I look like a spider on my back – trying to get enough coordination in my limbs to flip myself back over. And in the rare event that I get the coordination and timing right, I start pumping out the reps with gusto until… Oh… Shamed face.


Yeah, that was a fart reference.
What of it?
We’re all friends here.

Variations on the traditional sit-up are key for working all your muscles. I’ve found my favourites, and I love the way I can feel it afterwards. Never sore, but definitely pushed. It feels good.

Have you found variations to your routine exercises that you enjoy even more than the original? How have they helped you?

5 thoughts on “Better Than Hearing a Crunch

  1. Thank you for the variations of the sit-up. I’ve been looking for something just like this to help me get rid of my rolls. Hoping to tone up the muscles and hoping that will help with my sagging skin issue. Thanks again!

  2. All my favourite ab routines involve the medicine ball. I don’t know what it’s called – but sit on your butt – legs bent but off the ground, creating a “V” with your upper and lower body – then use the medicine ball and twist… 🙂

  3. LOL – Love the farting pic 🙂 For abs I do a combo of sit-ups on the incline bench with a 10 lb. flat weight and various planks. I also like the jackknife on the stability ball because it’s fun to roll out.

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