Project “Lose The Snooze” (Button)


If you’ve been following along for a while, you’ll know it’s no secret that I dislike mornings. Or do mornings dislike me? Honestly, I’m not sure which way it goes – but I do have a love-hate relationship with the snooze button on my alarm. That much I can tell you.

But the Internet says it’s better to try and be a morning person (and who am I to deny the Internet). Some kind folk have put together pointers to make it easier, too!

Greatist does it with humour: Hey, Sleepyhead! How To Be A Morning Person (albeit a post trying to sell their book on the same).

Wikihow’s article made be laugh, though I’m pretty sure it wasn’t meant to… Be A Morning Person – with pictures!

Martha Stewart also chips in with her two breakfast-in-the-mess-hall cents.

One thing they all have in common: lose the snooze button!
Get up as soon as your alarm goes off – don’t loiter in bed whacking the heck out of your alarm clock.

Don’t need to get up just yet? Tough!
You have habits to break.
And it’s your own fault for not setting the alarm to later. Sucker.

Tomorrow – Monday morning – will be the official start to losing the snooze (button), with the intention of never using my snooze button ever again.
It feels a little like dumping a dead-end boyfriend. Things were comfortable enough before, but this decision… It just feels right.

9 thoughts on “Project “Lose The Snooze” (Button)

  1. I basically did the same thing. What helped me get through it was setting my alarm to the time I would have gotten out of bed after using the snooze umpteen times. That way I actually got an extra 20-30 minutes of sleep in the morning.

  2. Oh man, good luck with this. I hit the snooze button at least two to three times each morning. I even set the alarm for as late as I can get up and I STILL hit the snooze button. I’m just not a morning person. I love to sleep.

  3. Hey – you’re probably already up – not sure what time it is where you are… but I’ll do that goal with you. I have a programmable snooze button – mine’s set for 15 minutes. I’m going to get up with the alarm in the morning to do my C25K before I have to get kids up and ready for the day.

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  5. Reblogged this on Living the Life and commented:
    I love this idea! I can’t wait to greet the morning each and every day, and the snooze button only prolongs the beautiful opportunity to wake up to the sun shining. Of course, I say that now, but when I’m laying all curled up in my covers snuggling with my teddy bear, it seems to be a completely different story…

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