Five Tricks I Wish I’d Learned Earlier

I’m all for life hacks. Those little things you can do to cut down the work. Speed the chores up a little, and make more time for the things you’d rather be doing. Like watching trashy TV. Or sleeping.

To share the love and (hopefully) make things a little easier for you, too, I give you an official Heads Up – here are five things I wish I’d learned earlier:


:: ONE :: Zap your potatoes in the microwave with a little bit of water before roasting them. They’ll roast up much quicker, and be much softer when eating (while still browning up gooooooooood)

:: TWO :: If you’re wearing a cardigan over your shirt, there’s no need to iron the back. If you’re wearing a full sweater, all you have to iron is the collar and chest (depending on the sweater’s neck shape). Don’t waste time ironing something that no one’s going to see (and will get creased once you out the other layer on anyway).

:: THREE :: Before sitting down for some… Err… Quiet time in the bathroom, put a square of toilet paper down in the bowl. It will stop marks (and any disgusting splashes). There are a number of old flatmates and colleagues who I wish had known this one. Teach your kids quick so you’ll never have to do the sneaky check when you get unexpected visitors again.

:: FOUR :: Peg or safety pin your socks in pairs before washing them. I’m not sure what this does for the machine, but at least you can always find the other sock. Don’t do this if you’re washing with delicates. A delicates bag also works (but mine always seem to come out ripped… Escapee pegs, maybe?)

:: FIVE :: If you want to get rid of a pimple overnight, put a warm damp face cloth over the pimple (to open the pore and bring everything to the surface) and dab a bit of toothpaste on it, which you’ll wash off in the morning. You’ll look like a bit of a tool if you’re trying to impress someone with minty goo on your face, but it helps dry everything out and get you sorted faster. Make sure you don’t scratch the surface, which will take even longer to heal.

These have all been mentioned to me over the years – mostly from unlikely sources – and are ripe for sharing!

Do you have any life hacks, or quick cheats, to make things a little easier?
Share your points in the comments so that we can all get the jump on the boring chores and general bores!

I’m definitely interested to see what comes through…

5 thoughts on “Five Tricks I Wish I’d Learned Earlier

  1. If you have trouble opening jars, don’t surrender your independence and go begging to man for help – keep a spare swimming cap (those horrible rubbery things) in a kitchen drawer and use it as a grip on the jar lid! Increases the your grip and works every time 🙂

    Also – and this HAS to be the best cooking tip I’ve ever had… After handling garlic, to get rid of the smell off of your fingers (which can hang around for HOURS otherwise!) rub the tips of your fingers on anything chrome – like chrome taps. Literally takes the smell right away! No idea why or how it works though…

  2. Ahhhh some of these are old favourites! 🙂 I often do the zap things in the microwave trick, although I’ve previously done it with meat pies rather than potatoes.

    Also, while we’re talking about jar lids – I bang my jar lids on the counter , give them a few taps and then they should just twist open easily. Winning!

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