4 thoughts on “Cake Logic

  1. high enough IQ + creativity + lots of thinking = can rationalise pretty much anything… sometimes that can be a good thing, but sometimes, e.g. with cakes, I’m not so sure 😛 (don’t get me wrong, I know exactly what you mean!)

  2. Reblogged this on Life Bucket and commented:
    This honestly made me smile haha. But it’s also very true. I think one of the big things about Life Bucket is the tendency to stop our indulgances and think for a moment. We must ask ourselves how this is benefitting us (besides great taste!). But more important of all how is it harming us. Having a slice of cake is no crime and is something that is encouraged from time to time. But having a whole cake. Damn that’s gonna make you look like a bucket lol (really the blogger is resorting to corny jokes? Yes I am…shut up and read lol).

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