One of Those Days

Today I had 2 choices:

  • Drink excessively until I felt warm and fuzzy, a little bit sick and a lot guilty – but not thinking about work, therefore in the best mood possible.


  • Go to the gym and burn off some steam while mentally coming to terms with my current lot in life, and ways I can possibly change it.

Like most humans, I desperately wanted to pick the first option.  Drink, bury, and be merry.  The tasty, easy option.  I really like that option.

Instead, I chose the gym.  I pounded the cardio like it was my bitch.

I talked everything through in my head a hundred times, running off on tangents left right and center.  Did I reach a conclusion?  No.  But it wasn’t a complete waste of time.

The time spent was productive;

Exercise for the day?  Check.

Venting a bad mood?  Check.

Calorie consumption under control? Check check check.
(Pesky scotch and its tasty, tastiness!)

This whole working-towards-my-goal business just keeps winning me over, again and again…

I could get used to this lifestyle change.

4 thoughts on “One of Those Days

  1. Way to go! This morning I got a rude wake up call. I’ve gained back 4.1 lbs since my last recorded weigh in 3 weeks ago. I need to get my lifestyle change back on track.

  2. Great job! I had a race this weekend and when I realized I’d only gotten (barely) 4 hours of sleep, I wanted to crawl even further into my warm and comfy bed. I did sleep for an extra 30 minutes then got my behind up and drove to go do it, heh. Amazing feeling afterwards, right? 🙂

  3. Sometimes I have the same argument in my head…workout? or Anything else. When I choose to workout I always feel so much better and when I make that OTHER choice I always feel like crap. Working out does wonders!!

  4. That is awesome! Sorry you’re having a bad time at work. You chose the best option possible. Honestly, when I’m having one of those days I tend to choose the first option. If it’s really bad.

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