All Shook Up

Our part of the country’s been doing a bit of moving today.  A movin’ and a shakin’.  Earthquakes galore.

Nothing big enough to hurt anyone (thankfully!), but enough to make my grocery shopping unpleasant.

So what do we need?  Distraction!
Distraction in the form of online shopping, of course!

So I give to you, additions to my workout gear wishlist:


This website is awesome.  It’s also probably just as well that it’s not clear whether they deliver to NZ – I could send a lot of money there…

Anyone know of any places to get awesome workout gear that’s delivered worldwide (and cheap)?

Where do you get your gear?

3 thoughts on “All Shook Up

  1. You stay safe down there!

    I’ve used and they sometimes have cheaper stuff that some retail stores here in NZ. Let me know if you hear of any others because I’m also on the lookout!

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