Why Home – In Bed – Is My Happy Place

Hanging out at home, in bed, is one of my favourite places to be. Not necessarily sleeping, but curled up in the blankets keeping warm with a book or the iPad reading all of your lovely blogs!

Not only is it the easiest room to heat (NZ makes their houses cold!), but it’s usually one of the tidiest and filled with the knick-knack things that make me smile. From where I sit right now I can see plenty of things that have stories behind them, and others that serve as inspiration for future stories.

Point and case:
My dresser.

It’s littered with little souvenirs from my trips, and presents others have brought back for me.

My brother’s an artist who works with glass – and I have a couple of pieces he made for me back when our sibling relationship was still very strained. The jewellery dish that wobbles when I fish around for earrings, and the little ornament that still perplexes me (how do you get the twisted colours inside the glass?!

These are reminders of how far the family’s come.

The bikini on the mirror beside the dresser serving as motivation for reaching my goal.

I like having stuff. But only stuff that has a purpose, or a story.

It gives me great comfort to sit and be surrounded by the familiar. Especially on days like today that make me question where I’ll be in five years, two years, or even six months.

And I like flowers. Yay for flowers!

Where’s your happy place? Your sanctuary?
What makes it so special to you?

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