Alopecia and the Workplace


Friday was an interesting day at work. Not for the work (let’s be honest… I’m an accountant) – but for the social aspects.

In a conversation about stress management with a junior member of our team, my alopecia came up. It sounds like horrible scare-tactics. It was meant to be the opposite. It made sense at the time.

The experience was an eye opener. So far, the only people I’ve told have been no a need-to-know basis. This turned into a teaching lesson… for both of us.

Her initial reaction was the opposite of everyone else’s.

She recoiled in shock.
Dropped her jaw in surprise.
Then fell into awkward laughter.
Uncontrollable laughter.
Catching her breath at times to comment;
…”That’s actually bald”…
…”There’s actually no hair”…

and (my personal favourite): “Can I touch it?”

The honesty was fantastic.
I knew exactly what she was thinking. And once she got over the shock of me flashing her my pasty bald-spot in the office, she asked some genuine questions.

I repeat; The honesty was fantastic.

Is it weird that I actually appreciate her reaction?
If so… how weird?

(No, I haven’t let her touch it – yet)

3 thoughts on “Alopecia and the Workplace

  1. Wow! I am laughing at this one. I too have Alopecia and for years and I mean years covered my baldness. Well last year inspired by my daughter’s boldness, (she has it as well) I took off my hair and went bald. Mostly everyone said I looked better, younger, and wore it well. I received mixed reactions, so people thought I had cancer and lost it to chemo therapy. Well anyway it was great, but I am back to wearing a wig. Being bald takes a lot of work, my makeup must be spot on, earrings etc. I do miss the freedom of just getting up putting on my bronzer and going. I am on my way to DC and debating on whether I should go for it again. Thanks for sharing.

    • You both sound like such brave people – I’m sending some enthusiastic, telepathic high fives in your direction! Loved your comment, thanks for sharing it šŸ™‚

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