So Why Go Paleo?

On Monday I committed to following the Paleo diet for a month, but I didn’t explain what brought it on.

So why did I commit?
And how out of the blue was it?

20130904-203631.jpgIt’s a mix of…
a) being a copy cat (FOMO, ladies and gentlemen!),
b) seeing others’ success, and
c) Robb Wolf’s book: the Paleo Solution.

Together, they had me signing up at Chapter 4 of the book. With a hiss and a roar, I was off! Googling recipes, anecdotes, success stories.

I haven’t finished the book – and given my current study load I probably won’t – but if I still with a Paleo lifestyle for the longer term, I could pin point finishing Chapter 4 as being a pivotal moment in the process. The point my mind was made.

The human body doesn’t need grains & dairy. They weren’t really available until the introduction of agriculture (farming) – and our waists have been increasing ever since.

Studies have shown that the bodies of hunter-gathers were healthier, stronger, and had less incidences of disease or cancer than their farming descendants. Agriculture assisted the population to boom, but at a cost.

Why live that way if you don’t have to?
Which way? Either way – pick a side and think about it. Debate it. Then try the other side and go again. Healthy trumps, right? Are you convinced which way is healthier?

Hence, the experiment. I know I have some issues with dairy (though I still eat it), so why not drop grains and legumes, too?

But wait, there’s more!

There’s plenty of anecdotal support out there that suggests a Paleo-like diet can assist with autoimmune disorders – like alopecia! The connection there being to gluten and grains, and the impact they can have on people’s bodies if they have an intolerance to them. For many, it takes a ramped-up, hardcore version called the autoimmune protocol (explained in more detail for non-scientists really well here, complete with printouts).

I’m not going quite so hard at this stage – but you never know…
I might be 25 with a full head of hair!

At the end of the day, this is a challenge. And if it achieves nothing else, I will have gone 30 days without a coke zero or energy drink. I can’t turn my nose up at that.

Here’s to at least 28 more days!

13 thoughts on “So Why Go Paleo?

  1. Me too! I’m readin Mark Sisson’s ‘Primal Blueprint’ and just embarsking on a paleo lifestyle. Though, I am allowing diary (but no grains or legumes or sugars etc!). I;m excited ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Hehe, no probably not. There’s plenty of discussion about paleo for vegetarians/vegans on the Internet, though most are just end with an eat meat message. Not ideal if that’s what you’re avoiding!

  3. Okay, I’m trying to believe, and I do have more energy without carbs, but you are throwing me off at the line about how much healthier our ancestors were. Their lifespans were about 30. In the developed world, ours are 80-plus and still gaining in many countries. I’m not disputing you, just wondering what (if anything) the book said about that.

    • Paleo doesn’t have to mean less than but it does mean different carbs. I did two 30 practical Paleo eating plans the fat loss one was definitely low carbon but the other one wasn’t. I lost weight on both but I was doing them to feel better and be more healthy and It worked for me

    • Agree – I struggled with that a bit myself. The key argument to that is lifestyle and modern medicine. Yes, their lives were shorter, but the reasons for death weren’t disease. I’m sure my life would be shorter if I had limited shelter, no emergency healthcare and had to get out in (potentially dangerous) situation to hunt my own food, too!

      It’s kind of the ‘quality over quantity’ argument, but with appropriate diet + modern healthcare there’s no reason you can’t strive for both

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  5. Good luck, I am on the same path right now (sort of). I am listening to my body mostly while following a relaxed primal/paleo “diet”. I’ve been eating real foods and traditionaly prepared foods for YEARS now, removing grains/beans/legumes is another journey ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m going to try and keep up with your blog and follow your journey and hopefully be inspired.

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