Summer’s Coming

1 September was the first day of spring in our neck of the woods, and though it’s been f-f-f-freezing here the last couple of days, Summer IS coming.

I’ve missed out on summer the last few years (it’s the cheapest time to travel in the northern hemisphere, afterall) and I’ll be damned if I miss out on another!

So – while there’s no such thing as a body not fit for enjoying the beach – I plan to get out there in a bikini once or twice. And be a little more comfortable doing it!

Better keep cracking…

Work hard, play hard – and keep that motivation pumping!

6 thoughts on “Summer’s Coming

  1. So strange to think that our summer is over and yours is just beginning! Yesterday I went running in the mist and getting up at 6 doesn’t mean daylight. I’m definitely a summer person so I wish you lots of enjoyable summer days and evenings! Julie

  2. Enjoy! We are heading into Fall and it is hot! I wasted the whole summer, yes working and working and have no fun time. So you go for it! Bikini and all. I promise myself that this is the last summer I will spend in a slump! Life is too short!

  3. Ahhh….our summer here in Wisconsin is leaving us. I am looking forward to cooler temps, sweaters, boots, scarves and hot chocolate. Enjoy your summer, hopefully it’s warmer than our was! ~Gina

  4. I think our Summer is going to be a cracker this year, You all in Welly have actually had some considerably warmer weather if you take out the quakes and the raging storms lol
    You must spend a Summer up here in Tauranga/The Mount, is so idyllic!

    • I’m tempted! Last time I had a kiwi holiday we went camping in the Coromandel – it was the New Years when the whole Coromandel was flooded. We spent new years eve racing down to Tauranga – only about 1/2 hour ahead of all the road closures – and saw the New Years in at a maccas drive through.

      My Kiwi summer luck is due for a change!

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