Six Weeks For Summer

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you might recall the post I wrote after hearing personal trainer Jeff talk about nutrition. The one where potatoes were likened to crack cocaine.
20130906-212550.jpgAt the time, I remember being confused about how I felt about the things he shared. His points made sense – but they went against everything I thought I knew about nutrition. There was a layer of guilt; as an educated adult, how could I be so ignorant? There was a side of disbelief; why should I take his word over everyone else’s? And then there was a sprinkling of laziness; as interesting as it is, I’m not realistically going to make any major changes to my diet.

Funnily enough, things have kind of come full circle.

Months later, and for reasons not covered in Jeff’s talk, I’m embarking on a paleo diet – a diet that ticks many of the boxes from Jeff’s speech.
20130906-214236.jpgI’ve also signed on for a six-week group training programme at his PT studio – Studio 41. Another seemingly unrelated turn of events; I jumped on a one day special advertised on GrabOne; a daily online voucher site.

Anecdotes from the girls at work include working out to the point of throwing up (not good) and seeing the start of some sweet abs (very good). It’s not going to be easy – this isn’t a beginners class.

I start on Monday.

Here’s to working hard, and reaping what you sow.

Here’s to six weeks of working hard on a better summer body.

Kia kaha

7 thoughts on “Six Weeks For Summer

    • Amy – I’m in the same boat… I just figured that if I did the hard part straight away, at least it’ll only get easier from here! If it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out. No harm done.

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