Sore. Sore. So Sore.

20130909-222354.jpgI am so sore. I do not feel sexy. I do, however, love endorphins. They make me feel sexy and on top of the world.

Yesterday was our first group training session at Studio 41. I got my arse handed to me on a platter. I was moments away from hurling before I pulled myself back and figured I’d better go a little easier. Because that would’ve been embarrassing.

Our last trainer really, really liked squats. Jeff… He really likes lunges. And his prowler. Holy smacks.

In one hour, I worked all my muscles to the point of exhaustion. For the rest of the day, walking hurt, stairs were damn near impossible, and I thought I was going to be stuck on the toilet (why must the they be so low?!).

Best part is, I’m totally psyched for Wednesday’s session!

9 thoughts on “Sore. Sore. So Sore.

  1. it’s tough to be sore to that point and yet… it’s so worth it. i love knowing that im sore (i don’t really like being sore haha) because it means i got a great workout in and that’s always good! now to just be sore more often lol.. that’s the trick for me now but i’ll get there. 🙂

  2. LOL – totally know the feeling when you can’t get up off the toilet!!!! Sounds like a bloody good session!
    Can’t say I’ve ever seen that prowler equipment before though – so do you do lunges as you push it along?!

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