Fifteen Flight Spiral of Pain (& Paleo Banana Bread)

Today I spent $40 on banana bread. WTF?

This morning we woke to horrible stormy weather (because apparently earthquakes and local government elections aren’t enough for the poor souls in this country) which made getting to boot camp a little (read: lot) uncomfortable. Turns out fighting freezing 130km winds with achy legs in capris is a pain. Literally.

We got there in the end, and – suffering through the pain we came with and the pain inflicted during the workout – left victorious. Hobbling like a barefoot drunkard who’d just win a bar fight and was now walking on all the bottles he’d broken… But victorious nonetheless!

Once at work, I kicked my shoes off and found life pretty comfortable. Until the fire drill. Yay! Fifteen flights of stairs on legs about to collapse any second… Nailed it. I did wait for the lift to take me back up, in case you were curious.

All before 10:30am.

A day for comfort food, wouldn’t you agree?20130911-212319.jpgSo I made banana bread. Using this recipe here (more or less).

Mini banana bread loaves of comfort food cuteness. Each loaf could easy sit in my open palm, that’s how cute we’re talking. I could literally just eat them all up (and I will eventually)!

Each loaf has something different mixed through it / on top, bar the two with banana on top. Because nothing says yum better than banana on top of puréed banana…20130911-213301.jpgNot having most of ingredients required for Paleo baking, there was a bit of cost involved in making these loaves. I’ll be honest, they’re not so good that they warrant the $40 I shelled out for everything after work (I put it down to my baking, not the recipe). But now I have plenty of ingredients left to work with, so that’s good – right?

Do you have any go-to healthy (possibly Paleo) recipes for days when you just want baked comfort food?
Share your faves in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Fifteen Flight Spiral of Pain (& Paleo Banana Bread)

  1. That recipe looks great – I think I’ll have to check it out myself 🙂 Interesting that the fire drill was on the same day that 12 years ago, all those people had to try and make it down so many flights of stairs…. 😦

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