Food Court Lunches

20130912-213124.jpgKa Pai -a food place here in Wellington – make awesome salads, and Paleo-friendly lunches. This has saved my appreciation for the social hour.

The food’s fast, but there’s nothing junky about it. It’s fast food, not “fast food”.

One of the biggest pains about a Paleo diet is the need to be prepared, and to cook all the time. Thankfully, cooking up batches for dinner and having leftovers for lunches works well. But what about days when you forgot to think ahead?

Only a week and a half ago, I was buying my lunch almost everyday. Sushi and a coke, usually. So, packing a lunch on any given day is a pretty big deal for me. Packing lunch every day seemed impossible. But – scared that I’d go hungry if I didn’t do it – I’ve packed a lunch all but two days.

Yesterday, I tried Paleo-fying a Subway salad. No cheese, no sauce, no flavour.
Today, I ordered a standard menu beef salad from Ka Pai. Real meat. Tasty salads. Multiple sauces to choose from. No special requests needed.

On the go forward, Ka Pai’s the clear winner.

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