Dying For A Donut?

20130917-185331.jpgAre you a fan of Krispy Kreme donut? Vitamin water? Luna bars? What about your body’s ability to regulate insulin levels?

This user-written article over on Thought Catalog demonstrates 6 food items that are advertised as healthy, but contain more sugar than a donut.

Sugar Kills, 6 “Healthy” Foods With More Sugar Than a Krispy Kreme Donut

Puts things in perspective, yes? And it’s not to say that you should choose the donut. But it does serve to highlight then benefit of reading the labels on your food!

5 thoughts on “Dying For A Donut?

  1. Yeah it took me forever to start paying attention to sugar content. I had no idea my favorite Chobani’s had almost 20 grams of sugar in those little 6oz. cups! I switched to Fage plain and even started buying the grind-it-yourself PB to reduce sugar. That article taught me that donuts contain a lot less sugar than I would have guessed, too. :p

    • I hear you! I did a “no sugar” challenge last month and I hadn’t realised that Chobani’s had so much sugar either! I have replaced the flavoured chobani’s with the plain ones and added in my own mixed berries 🙂 In terms of yoghurts they still have some of the least ingredients compared to other brands which are packed full of preservatives and artificial sweetners etc.

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