Grocery Shopping With The Stars

20130920-000100.jpgI hate grocery shopping. I haven’t got a car, so I have to walk everything I buy uphill to my house. It’s usually raining, or windy, or too damn hot to carry everything home without stopping halfway for a drink and snacks. I always forget something.

But, of the stars do it, I think I can handle. Heck, I could go everyday – just buy what I need for dinner each night. I could use baskets!

How do you make chores like groceries fun/bearable?

6 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping With The Stars

  1. I also despise grocery shopping. I try to stay out of the store since it’s just a scary place for those who have eating issues so instead I use a service called Peapod. It’s an online grocery ordering / delivery service. It is a godsend. I order my groceries online and I pick a delivery date and time. The delivery guy brings the groceries in and puts them on my counter!! I love it. ~Gina

  2. Actually, I have gotten to really like grocery shopping with a basket. I think of it like a mini workout – carrying heavy things while walking it is an awful a lot like something out of Crossfit!

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