Lazy Girl’s Paleo

Organisation is key for successfully eating a paleo diet. You need to plan ahead, prepare meals, and make time to cook, eat, etc.

I’m very selfish with my time. And I’m pretty lazy. As far as I’m concerned, work sucks enough out of my life and I want the rest of it for what I want to do.

Like eat.
And smack myself in the face with medicine balls.

Cooking – as far as I’m concerned – falls in the ‘work’ category. So I want to do as little as possible.

So you can imagine my glee when I saw these beauties in the supermarket.20130926-181355.jpg

Fully paleo, and only $2 a pop.

They might not tick all the nutritional boxes, but they’re damn tasty and work well when rushing to get to bootcamp.

The apple cinnamon bar is particularly tasty. Delicious even. 20130926-181634.jpg

Like most paleo recipes, the base of the recipe is dates. Which means there’s an awesome caramel flavour coming through, and plenty of sugar.

Paleo candy bars for the win!

8 thoughts on “Lazy Girl’s Paleo

  1. I feel like we are so similar. I too hate to cook and need to be organized or I don’t stay on track. I found a granola bar with my food plan and could eat them all day! ~Gina

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  3. I scrolled back through all your posts to look for this one lol
    Which Supermarket did you get the RAW Bars from?
    I’m going back to ‘Clean’ and I need those in my life! haha

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