100% From Scratch

20130927-222237.jpgLazy girl, eh? Well, yesterday Amy, you can totally suck it. Tonight’s dinner was made completely from scratch.

With my bare hands.
By which I mean, with a bowl, various utensils and a particularly handy non-stick frying pan.

When I first started eating healthier way back when, my go-to quick-fix meal was a tortilla wrap packed with meat and vege. Quick, easy, and yummy to a fault.

Paleo means no more tortillas. Damn it. Those things are delicious.
For dessert I’d sometimes just munch on one with a little bit of warm butter on it. You know, while I mindlessly clicked around the internet. Heaven.

So what did I do tonight? I made my own paleo tortillas using this recipe.
These things are delicious. I could eat them by themselves, or with a tiny amount of nut butter.

Packed full of goodies… they’re devine!
The texture is just so much better than a usual tortilla. It’s basically a savoury crepe.

Tonight I packed my tortilla full of baby spinach greens, red capsicum, and juicy, pan-seared lamb rump with rosemary and garlic.
That meal was eaten so fast I may as well have inhaled it.

Look ma – I can finally cook!*

Now what should I try next?

* past performance is not indicative of future performance.
(Accountants humour)

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