Sh*t I’ve Seen In Changing Rooms (& Really Wish I Hadn’t)

Having been to a lot of gyms – and school sports days – I’ve seen a lot of changing rooms. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably have, too.

But some of the stuff I’ve seen… I really, really wish I hadn’t.

Point and case;

  1. Too many (disturbing) full-back tattoos. The most memorable being a glorious young woman with a body to die for, and a picture of the Cheshire Cat from the base of her shoulder blades to the top of her butt crack. I don’t understand.
  2. 20131003-175217.jpg

  3. A woman has come up to me in the changing room and declared that she loved my boobs – that it was like they were smiling right at her. I remember writing about it on here, but I can’t find the post. A million telepathic ‘yay!’ points to anyone who finds it and pops the link in the comments 🙂
  4. At a swimming pool in Napier, one woman sat in the steam room (technically not a changing room I know) without a towel and, well, relieved herself on the bench for all to see. And kept sitting in it. Ew.
  5. And – last but not least –

  6. I’ve walked into a changing room to find a woman sitting bare-a*sed on the floor, legs apart, and stretching. Like a car crash, I couldn’t look away.


How do your experiences compare?
Share your stories in the comments!

…and stay tuned for the next post – on changing room etiquette.

7 thoughts on “Sh*t I’ve Seen In Changing Rooms (& Really Wish I Hadn’t)

  1. Some time in my mid-twenties I joined the nudist school of change room etiquette. I’m now one of those crazy ladies who walks around the public pool change room in the buff – but still wears jeans under skirts to hide her legs at work.

  2. I have tattoos so I don’t find them weird, sometimes I don’t understand the selection but I don’t know where they were in their life when they got it. I have one I wonder what the heck I was thinking. I’m getting a memorial tattoo for my dad on Sunday, my brothers have the same one. : )
    #2 is brazen and I’d be unsure whether to be flattered or creeped out.
    #3 and 4 are just… ew.
    Luckily haven’t had any of these moments, maybe it’s because I got when it’s late and there’s really no one there. (One time on the bike though, I pretended like I was racing and forgot there was a lady stretching on the floor in the corner. I’m sure I’d make her list. I won the race, there was a celebration. LOL! :))

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