Changing Room Etiquette 101

ID-100151895Changing rooms are pretty awkward places sometimes.  For a place that’s so public, it’s still pretty private.  And when people don’t adhere to generally accepted social rules, things can get a little uncomfortable for the other people involved.

So what are these socially accepted rules?
What would you tell newbies about changing room etiquette?

ID-10074959I’ve got a couple of points that I stick to with religious fervour.  They work as a bit of a safety net – not against the other women in the room – but for my own paranoia and… okay… sometimes against the other women in the room.

What are these ideas I stick to?

  1. Don’t make eye contact with anyone who is naked.  Ever.  If the slip in the shower and need assistance, drape them with a towel first.
  2. If someone asks you a direct question, look them in the eye and answer quickly and to the point (Locking in eye contact limits the boob-glimpses – I learned that in high school).
  3. If there are only two people in the room, don’t strip off right beside the other poor soul.  Use urinal logic here.
  4. Don’t hog.  Don’t hog the bench space.  Don’t hog the shower.  Don’t hog the straightener.  Play nice – share.  Just generally try and be a nice person.  Like you should any time of the day, in any situation

Nothing difficult.
Be respectful.
Note boundaries.
Don’t be rude.

Do you have any others that you like to stick to?
Share in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Changing Room Etiquette 101

  1. Oh lord I hope that the pic in your post is not your changing room? Not what you would call spacious – hence the reason why people may feel it acceptable to ‘share’ with you ha!

    My number one Changing Room rule would be: No ‘Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct’ poses when applying moisturizer to legs… whilst Starkers… Awkward!

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