Why I Couldn’t Workout This Morning

There was absolutely no way I could workout this morning. I mean, it was impossible.

Don’t believe me?

…The whether was terrible – there was no way I could’ve gone for a run in it.

…The gym is always way too busy in the mornings – I wouldn’t have been able to get a full workout in anyway.

…My stomach hurt – I had to stay in bed and take it easy.

…My runners were wet from a spot-clean-gone-wrong last night – there’s no way I could’ve worn my other pair just this once.

…I had no clean gear – if I don’t smell of roses at the start of a workout, how will I ever survive?

…If I’d worked out, I would’ve been late to the office – my job and study are my sole focus right now.

…I’m running out of deodorant and I want to make sure I have enough left for date night in case I do make it to the supermarket.

…I had a full day planned – if I’d worked out first thing I’d use up all my energy and wouldn’t be able to get everything done.

Perfectly good reasons excuses.
You’re right… I call bullsh!t on the entire thing.

Laziness is not a reason.
Stop procrastinating, Amy – it’ll get you no where

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