Birthday Spoils…


During the week I asked what I should invest my birthday money in.  There was an overwhelming number of votes for a GPS watch, rather than gym clothes or other gear.  I listened! (And went shopping)

I also had a gift voucher for Rebel Sport from my workmates – so I headed to the store this morning to make the most of the Labour Weekend sales.

Knowing that I need new runners, I went with that sole goal in mind.  Shoes.  Must.  Buy.  20131026-144222.jpg

And I found a pair that feel fantastic.  My last pair didn’t have a lot of support, and these are much better.  And so bouncy in the heel!

Haven’t taken them for a spin yet, so it’s probably too early to declare love.

Better still, these babies were half price – so I had plenty of moolah left on the gift voucher to work with.  Cue the new gym bag, and much-needed sports bras.

20131026-144214.jpgMy current gym bag is huge, and always gets packed full of cra– stuff that just doesn’t need to be in there.  So this beaut is much smaller, but still big enough for my trainers, clothes, water bottles and a packed lunch for work.  As an added bonus – it’s much nicer than my old flimsy sucker.   It’s going to get a lot of use.

And the sports bras.  Look at that colour!  Do I need to say any more?

I’ve got a couple of these in black already, and they are by far my favourite fit.  So when I saw them in bright orange… it was a no-brainer.  Of course they were coming home with me.

I’m pretty happy with my choices.
They’ll be put to good use.

If you had $100 to spend at your local sports store, what would you buy?

9 thoughts on “Birthday Spoils…

  1. i SWEAR by saucony running shoes!! the first time i tried on a pair at our running store i literally blurted out, “i’m walking on marshmallows!!” i need a lot of support because i have crazy high arches, and i was skeptical of the shoes because they were SO lightweight…but i love them! and they don’t break down nearly as quickly as i expected them too either. i have three pairs in rotation haha.

    okay so there’s my plug for saucony lol. ENJOY!!

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