Grown-Up Toy!

I don’t have a car.  I can’t drive.
I have a very cheap bike.  With no brakes.  That I don’t know how to ride (or connect the brakes).

And now I have a grown-up toy I can use!  MY very own, shiny GPS watch.

I chose the TomTom Runner, in Dark Grey.

How did I choose it? 

Honestly, with my budget, all the entry level watches pretty much do the same thing.   So – *truth bomb* –  I picked the one that I thought looked best. 

Without glasses, and while out running / jogging/ walking, I need the biggest screen I can get.

I have no shame saying I paid an extra $30 bucks for this one over the equivalent entry level Garmin.

How’s it going?

I took it out this morning for my first run in forever since February (according to my old tracker).  The run turned into a slow, painful stumble once I hit the hills (which were just under half of it), but the watch worked really well. mysportsI knew exactly when my pace was changing, and I was able to even it up.  I run further without stopping than I expected.   I was able to apply what I’d learned about my limits on the treadmill and made sure I set my pace accordingly.

Running outside feels so very, very different when you know how fast you’re actually going.

What this means for my running goals.

I really, really want to get back in to running.  Actually running, not walking.  Not simply getting from A to B.

So this is more than a toy – it’s going to be a tool to make me better.  And all my runs are tracked on the online TomTom MySports tracker.  Numbers don’t lie.  They tell me whether I’m getting better.  Whether I’m pushing myself.

Bonus – the tracker’s powered by MapMyFitness, so my old runs that I had tracked on my phone are in there, too.  I didn’t track a lot of them, because I didn’t like taking my phone out all the time, but there are a few.

I’m finally feeling excited about my goals again.  I’ve lacked motivation for a while, but since dropping bootcamp my mindset is changing.

Taking charge of my goals.  You heard it here first.

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