Oh, So That’s How You Do It


There are three fail-proof stress relievers in life;

  1. Laughter,
  2. Sex, and
  3. Running.

All have their time and place.

On Thursday I have my big, six hour exam to be a Chartered Accountant.  The culmination of seven years – university study and practical experience – so that I can get the initials “CA” after my name.  Then, the sky’s the limit (supposedly) and I get to play with the big dogs.

Friday, I’m booked in for a 60 minute massage to wind down and relax.

In the meantime, there’s running!

This morning’s run was my best yet – the new shoes are working well (So bouncy! The perfect support!), and I’m getting the hang of managing my pacing.

If I can find a way to keep my pants from falling down while I’m running past schools I’ll have everything I need to make the most of this.

Until then, I’ll hold my pants while I run and still enjoy every stress-relieving second of it.

10 thoughts on “Oh, So That’s How You Do It

  1. lol buy some cheap compression pants on 1day, they will stay up! and they feel amazing, like you could run in them for forever… until you get tired that is lol

  2. I can’t say much about #2 on your list, but number 1 and 3 I totally agree with. Are you getting a regular message or a deep tissue massage? If you haven’t gotten a deep tissue massage before I would highly recommend one. Massages are nice, but a deep tissue massage gets deeper into your muscles, which is great for runners or people who exercise/workout regularly.

    As for the pants falling down….I don’t think as a man I should give any woman advice on that matter, but mooning people will make you laugh and put a smile on your face! 😉

    • Hahaha nice.

      I’ve been too chicken to try a deep tissue massage – my friend at work got one the other day and said it was the most painful thing he’d ever done! I’m sure I’ll brave up and give it a go once I start longing the long miles 🙂

      • See! Me saying “mooning” made you laugh!!!

        There could be different reasons why it hurt. It could be your friend has a ton of tight muscles, after the massage he didn’t drink plenty of water (this is very important because it helps remove toxins that are released by the massage, or a number of other issues. And it could be that the person who gave him the massage wasn’t that good. There are good masseuses and there are bad masseuses just like there are good and bad people at most professions. I am thankful that the lady I get deep tissue massages is as good as she is, and she does tell me to let her know if she ever does anything that causes me pain or hurts me to where I cannot bear it any longer.

        I would highly, highly recommend you getting one. Just make sure the day you go in that you can drink plenty of water the rest of the day and that you can go home and relax afterwards. Those two things will allow you to get the most out of a deep tissue massage. Regular massages have their place and are relaxing, but it doesn’t give you the same benefits as a Deep Tissue Massage.

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