New Gym, New Oomph

Thursday was my first day of my membership at Les Mills.  Sorry, Les Mills Extreme.  Can’t forget the ‘Extreme’, because it’s that awesome.  

Why the move?

I really liked my old gym – over the last couple of years it has been a good, casual fit.  But a combination of the recent bootcamp, and my half-marathon goal, had me realise that I needed to step things up a little. 

Mainly, I’m going to be doing a fair bit of running. 

It’s not particularly safe running my area, alone, in the dark.  So, I needed access to a treadmill after dark.  Sadly, the old gym catered mostly to bored housewives and those working out at lunchtime, so it closes at like… 7pm. 

What else have they got?

Pretty much everything.  No joke.  The usual gym gear.  With a separate cardio theatre, weights room, boxing ring, women’s gym.  A couple of group class studios with purpose-built group training rooms thrown in, too.   Oh, and a hard-out spin room that gets all lit up and crazy.

It’s intense.  Or, Extreme.

When I was last a member, I used the women’s gym and not a lot else.  But now that I have a goal – and know how to use more of the stuff – I’ve been using a lot more. 

Love it!

And, to keep motivation levels high they’re got a promotion – if I visit the gym 18 times before the end of the month, I’ll go in to the draw for $1,000 of gym gear. 

And – even if I don’t reach 18 – there are bonus goodies to be earned along the way.


4 down, 14 to go.  Whoo, yeah!

Amy’s getting some more oomph.

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