Blisters on Blisters


Holy cow, running with blisters is horrible! 

I did a lot of walking in Melbourne.  A lot.  Without very good walking shoes.

My feet hurt.
I lack skin in several places.

Blisters make running really painful.

I only managed 2km today before it was unbearable.

With many, many more kilometres of training to go before the half-marathon in February, I should probably get used to these lil’ buggers.

Any tips on beating blisters?  Any suggestions on managing them once you’ve got them?

10 thoughts on “Blisters on Blisters

  1. I agree, blisters are one of those things that hurt disproportionately to their seriousness! The mistake I made was not having good socks! I haven’t found much that helps once I have them except for rest.

  2. Compeed plasters. They are a soft rubbery gel texture absorb liquid are soft and slightly padded. Use them afte the blister has popped. I’m not sure if they will have the same brand where you are but I have used them after badly fitting shoes or walking boots in the past.

  3. The compeed plasters are wonderful. As a marathon walker I’m something of a blister expert a d there is quite a lot you can do even when you’ve got them. I’ve written a few blogs about dealing with blisters but probably sums it all up. Before I discovered all this I had walked with the whole of the ball of my foot and my heel blistered, not nice when you have ten or more miles to get home.

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