The Best Way To Wrap Up The Week

20131130-092222.jpgThis week has been a good week. Career wise, it’s been a bloody fantastic week!

Why? Two main reasons;

1. I had my promotion confirmed. It’s effective from 1 December (Sunday), and is a milestone promotion so I’m actually doing something slightly different and not just getting a bump in pay/charge out rate to clients (though there’ll be some of that, too). Just call me Amy, the Senior Consultant.


2. I passed my final professional exam! You remember that six hour exam that I mentioned last month? Well, after 7 years of study and sitting the exam, I’ve passed. Comfortably. So I’m definitely happy with that.

Proud, even!
Now to get this half-marathon training under control…

In the meantime, I just have to get through today. I have a family reunion / my grandfather’s 90th this afternoon and caught the 11hr overnight bus from Wellington to Auckland last night. Operating on about 3hrs of broken sleep suck, but I’m excited to see everyone now that I’m here!

Red bull, red bull, where be ye?
(Please, red bull, get in my belly)

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