Summer’s here!

Christmas in New Zealand is great – sunny, and casual. BBQ dinners aren’t usual, and someone in the family almost always falls asleep in the sun after eating too much.  Sunburn isn’t usual.  Neither is a box full of empty beer bottles after lunch.

Like everywhere else in the world that celebrates Christmas, it’s a day of temptation, overeating, and self-medicating with alcohol – family, am I right?

I’ll be staying with my family for much of the break, at my parents’ place in one of the sunnier parts of the country at this time of year.

While they’re not ridiculously unhealthy, they’re not ones to prescribe to a off-to-the-gym-and-a-salad-for-lunch lifestyle.  My brother’s of the knife-throwing, archery, and upper-body training persuasion.  The rest of us… sit around and eat.

I plan on doing a fair bit of running.  Take the dogs out for a bit of an explore – they’ll love it.

But it’ll be a bit of a change for me – running on country roads, in the heat, with a companion.  I’m looking forward to it… but it’s going to take some getting used to.

I imagine it’ll be very different to the clean footpaths, overcast weather and cool temperatures here in Wellington.  Or the treadmill in an air-condition gym, surrounded by the buff and motivated.

Any words of advice for the changes?  Or am I making mountains out of mole-hills?

What are your plans for the Christmas break?

11 thoughts on “Suuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmertime

  1. The change of running surface will do you good. Always running on the treadmill & flat roads or footpaths means your smaller stabilizing muscles don’t get used as much. So you may hurt a little initially but this will dissipate with time.

    As for Xmas? Too much food, drink & family for me. I too will have to run it all off 😉 Kim*

  2. I know it’s hard to stay on your routine when you’re away from home, I think you can do it!! I have one more week of work, five more days to get through and then I have off of work the last 2 weeks of the month. There are only a couple of things I HAVE to do, other than that, I plan on doing some reading, relaxing and getting back on my exercise routine. ~Gina

  3. I can’t imagine a warm Christmas. Here it’s mostly about wrapping up a d staying inside. My advice is to enjoy it but don’t go too mad and don’t keep up with the eating and drinking after Boxing Day 🙂

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  5. Here in Tauranga it is super hot from 8am to 8pm, I try my best to run outside of those hours, usually the morning because it is done and out of the way. But late also has its benefits, your body is already warm from the day and it helps you sleep better at night.
    Hope your training is going well 🙂

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