Backwards Running – it’s a thing!

Hey, guys! I was about to write a post about how poorly I’m training and that I’d basically been going backwards when Google told me that Backward Running is actually a thing!. Mind blown.

It’s not just something six year old girls or drunk teens do when trying to be funny. PEOPLE ACTUALLY TRAIN THAT WAY.

According to Wikipedia (okay, reading between the lines), it’s pretty hardcore;

“Running backwards down a hill is more dangerous, and it is advised that someone learn how to drop into a backward roll before attempting it, to deal with any resulting tripping or loss of balance in the prone movement.”

From this, I read that you need to be a qualified ninja to even run down a hill.
20131218-213641.jpgA qualified ninja! Like, with a diploma and everything.

Backwards running: that sh*zz is the business.

BONUS FACT:. Apparently ninjas just love running with aeroplane arms. Imagine that running downhill and ending in a flip!

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