Running the Lonely Country Roads

Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas – ours was relaxing, and included some exciting family news!

Surprisingly, not too much food was eaten… Though there was plenty of wine. Calorie blow out, but it could’ve been so, so, sooooo much worse. Which worked out well… No Christmas food hangover!

No Christmas food hangover and my cold’s cleared up – a Christmas miracle!

Feeling the fittest I have in days, I hit the road for a quick run this morning. Just around the block. Turns out that the further you are from the city, the bigger the blocks get. Keeps things easy though, it’s pretty hard to get lost when you’re running in a circle.

Country running is different to running in the city…
…you’re actually running on the road – there are no footpaths
…but you’re also running through muddy grass patches
…and dodging the fresh cow pats
…you can run for quarter of an hour and not see another soul
…cows will judge your orange running gear
…and you’ll have a new appreciation for travel roads

Sadly, I’m back in the city tomorrow. But I like this new spin on things.
Loving the isolation, quiet and peace that comes with running country roads.

4 thoughts on “Running the Lonely Country Roads

  1. I hear you. I’m home for my winter break and am enjoying the “country running”. I like running in the city too, but nothing beats those peaceful country roads.

  2. Well done for avoiding the food hangover. I almost did, we didn’t do too badly though. Walking on country roads is one of my favourite things, although I don’t like the ones without footpaths too much.

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