Knowing My Limits


I have limits.  I know them now, and I’m prepared to push them.

Limits aren’t permanent – they’re not a ceiling on progress.  Limits are just the tough part of the ladder where there’s a rung or two missing.  With a bit of a push and a jump, you can get over the hurdle.

But I’ve got to be realistic about it.

I won’t be running the half marathon in February. 

Instead, I’ll be running the 10km with the view of pushing myself harder over the shorter distance, rather than struggling with a half-arsed half-marathon.

My training just hasn’t been good enough to do a good job.

Yes, I feel stink about it.  But I’d rather be honest about it now, and be realistic about my goals.  It was always going to be tough, but I just haven’t followed a good enough plan to make the impossibly-hard be difficult-but-obtainable.

Remember, goals have to be SMART.


I’ll be sticking to much smaller, achievable goals for now.

6 thoughts on “Knowing My Limits

  1. I’m sure you made the best choice for you, and I hope to be seeing you at next years Half.
    I am following a pretty simple but seemingly effective plan. I have made great progress in just the first 7 weeks, nearly a whole minute improvement in my pace. It emphasizes observing the rest day and is very specific yet simple with the different types of runs to be completed.
    I guess at the end of the day it also comes down to committing and allowing the time for it. Which I still find a challenge, but I have come so far now, I can’t turn back.
    I can’t wait to see you 10k training progress 🙂

  2. I’ve had to make that call before myself, and while it feels hard you absolutely have the right mindset – being realistic and having a great 10km as progress towards your next half will be much better than risking injury or the post-half-blues!

  3. You’ll smash the 10km and then it’s just one km at a time after that 🙂 Good luck. Enjoy the fun run in Feb. Which one were you doing?

  4. It sucks when you have to admit defeat doesn’t it? Last year I signed up for two walking marathons. Then my job went from part time to full time a d I had to admit I just could t fit in the training for marathon two. I felt quite miserable about it for weeks but it was a sensible decision. I do hate giving up on things though. Usually stubbornness wi s through even when I should be sensible. Maybe that’s how come I ended up walking marathons at all. 🙂

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