Every Morning I…

…wake up. Really, I consider that to be one of my biggest successes in any given day. The morning I don’t wake up will be worrying indeed.

Today, though, I actually made it to the gym before work. Not like Tuesday, which I made a big deal about getting up early for but in reality just turned off my alarm and dozed the extra hour.

Today, I actually got out of bed at the first alarm.
Today, I actually got out of the house at the right time.
Today, I actually got to the gym, ready to go after finding a locker.
Today, I actually got a sweat going doing half-arsed cardio and leg weights.
Today, I actually got that horrible disappointed feeling at my half-arsed-ness that left me feeling worse about myself after the m than I did beforehand.

But at least breakfast was tasty!
(muesli w a bit of protein powder for choc milk, since I was in meetings all morning and want going to get time for mid-morn snack -tasty but filling, couldn’t finish)


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