Fitness That Gets You Bouncing

For those of you who haven’t stumbled across it already, this video is making its rounds around Facebook;

Now that’s a high energy fitness class.

I’ve watched the clip half a dozen times over the last couple of days – each time it appears in my news feed – and it gets be bopping away with them.

How fun would a class like that be?

As a woman with no rhythm, I would find it hard to keep up – but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have fun laughing at myself as I tried!

Has anyone been to a class like this one?  Do you know where you can find others like it?

5 thoughts on “Fitness That Gets You Bouncing

  1. i’ve been OBSESSED with this video since i first saw it not too long ago. i sent it to my boss and requested we all do this when teaching spin. except i’m WAY too uncoordinated haha.

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