Making Routine My Play-Thing

ID-100209643Today was my first session with my new personal trainer – Cath.  With travel and work, it’s taken a little while to get everything ‘locked in’ but it’s all go now.

This morning was a complimentary chat about my goals, what she proposed we do, and a mini-training session to make sure we were comfortable with the style of training and communication.  Five minutes in, I knew Cath was the ideal trainer for me – she was straight up, honest with a ‘no bull’ attitude toward training and reaching goals.

Our mini-training session wasn’t too hard, but it was a good indicator that I’ll be doing workouts that push me.  And I’m definitely feeling the jumping squats in my thighs this evening.  I’m looking forward to it getting worse (then better!).

I’m all signed up for weekly PT sessions from Tuesday evening, and working to a programme on the other days of the week.

Is it weird that I’m this excited about getting in that much pain?

2 thoughts on “Making Routine My Play-Thing

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