500th Post!

It feels like a 10 tonne truck has just crashed into my crotch.  


Sorry, too much information?  I thought it might be, but did it anyway.  Have to have an attention grabbing opening line for peonut.com’s 500th post!  But you can be assured that I was far more graphic when I updated my personal Facebook status.

I went to my first RPM (spin) class this morning.  It wasn’t too bad (I went in expecting the worst) and I feel like I handled it alright.  Well, except for the issues I seemed to have with my seat.

I had no idea what I was doing.  And now my nether-regions are paying for it.

Is this something most people encounter when they try spin for the first time?
Or am I on my own with this one?

19 thoughts on “500th Post!

  1. You are not alone. I did RPM a few years back and had to buy bike shorts to increase the padding so my crotch didn’t burn so badly during class. So I highly recommend you go buy some!!

  2. My experience is similar but for biological reasons not exactly the same. Getting on the bike in spring is always uncomfortable for a while.

  3. You are not alone, I felt the same way the one and only time I did it. Plus I couldn’t walk normally after that class and my legs were killing me for days! Lots of asprin.

    • Haha, while it’s not ideal, it is nice to know there are others that have been in the same boat! After a day it’s kind of a nice pain – you know you’ve done something worthwhile! (You just have to bring yourself to do it again soon :S)

  4. Some people I know recommend buying a seat cover, it apparently has padding in it and makes it more comfortable.

    I hate the seats as well, bony pointy things that make you feel uncomfortable and bruised! However you do get used to them! 🙂

    • Wow, a seat cover would be even better! No sitting in someone else’s butt sweat which is inevitably left behind… somehow getting it on a seat cover seems way less gross than on your (potentially padded) pants…

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