How Do You Relax?

Days are often long, and almost always stressful in one way or another.  There’s nothing quite like taking a moment completely for yourself to relax.  To savour the moment. 


What do you do to relax?

Right now, I’m checking out my reader and sipping away at a gorgeous smelling T leaf T tea.  I’ve been on a bit of a herbal tea buzz lately – I can’t get enough of it – and this is no exception.

It’s a premium herbal tisane called ‘restful’.  It’s a mix of chamomile, green rooibos, vervain, rose buds, tulsi, ginger, cinnamon and lavender.  Ummmm… F-yeah!

I have another tea that I crack out on weekend called ‘coconut rough’, which has red rooibos, coconut and carob to make it smell like a delicious chocolatey mug of chocolatey deliciousness (sorry, my mouth’s watering so bad that my vocabulary’s dried up).

Then, there’s my peppermint tea.  Because somedays you just want a good peppermint tea.

I look forward to these warm, calming cups of tea before bed on weeknights.  It helps me drift off into a daydream of what happy ‘could’s and ‘might’s – the kind of place you want to go before bed, so you’re not still buzzing with the thoughts that consumed you all day, too.

Do you have a relaxing routine?
How often do you do it?
Is it something that you can share with others, or is it special alone time for just you and your thoughts?

Or is there something you’re dying to try, but just can’t seem to make it happen?

7 thoughts on “How Do You Relax?

  1. I relax as often as I need and am able to do it by : walking, sitting in the nature and day dreaming, listening to good music ( like this tune : ) , talking to friends, meditating or going for an intense work out, drawing, creating, crafting… sometimes a good cup of tea is all I need, sometimes it is reading a great book or watching funny videos on youtube. Great post !

  2. I relax with coffee and oatmeal in the mornings and some TV or reading a book. That happens on the weekends and also on days when school is out. Another super relaxing thing for me is to watch TV and blog.

    • My weekends start in quite a similar way to yours – great minds and all that 😉

      Watching TV is a big one… I didn’t get it before, but it’s growing on me…

  3. Oh! My! Lanta! Those teas sound amazeballs!
    I like to s-t-r-e-t-c-h! I am 6ft tall and after spending the day limited to my office and my office chair, I love to spend about 10mins stretching my body and loosening cramped muscles. Then, I stretch out with a good book.

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