Pinched and Prodded – My Science Experiment


I felt a little like a lab rat this evening when I met with my trainer and she took all my measurements.

Cath (PT) is awesome, and made the whole thing very fun and lighthearted.  But I felt a bit like a patient in a hospital.  Not quite a woman rushed into the emergency room, but maybe a responsible grown-up getting something checked ‘just in case’.

Thankfully, my measurements weren’t as bad as I thought they were going to be.  Granted, they weren’t great either!

The fattiest part of my body is my triceps.

Apparently it’s one of the most common areas for women.  I can honestly say I’ve never thought about it before.  Butt, yes.  Thighs, yes.  But the backs of my arms?  Nope, can’t say I have.  Of course, your butt and thighs are where you should have your fat, so it’s not counted in quite the same way.

My thighs are equally fat.

Honestly.  We measured.  They’re both 55cm in circumference.
Oh yeah, totally my proudest moment.  (I’m not entirely sure whether that’s sarcasm).


30% of my body is fat.

Based on my discussions with Cath, I want to be getting my total stored energy (fat) under 19kg.  And, realistically, a healthy weight for me is in the realm of 69-70kg.

I should be working hard to make sure I don’t lose any of the lean muscle (calculated as everything that’s not fat) I currently have.  But I don’t necessarily have to work on building it at this stage.  Just the portion of body weight that’s muscle.  In other words, drop my body fat percentage.

I have a programme for when I’m on the gym floor, too.

But I’m saving the details of that for later!

— — —

Have you ever had your measurements taken by a trainer?
What did you think of your experience?
Did it help you focus your energy and training?
Do you think it helped you get results?

12 thoughts on “Pinched and Prodded – My Science Experiment

  1. 1. Yes.
    2. It was depressingly brilliant and I have them on file.
    3. Not really because I don’t constantly check them.
    4. No, but they were fanastic to see how you have done and to not worry about what the scales are telling you. You’ve only lost 2 kgs? But you’re thighs are thinner by 4cm? win!

  2. I’ve had endless measurements done as part of my job (yes, nice work eh!). I’ve had machines send electric pulses through me, been prodded with calipers – I even had the fat on my shins measured once which hurts! I tend to stare at them in horror – resolve to make many changes. Then put the bit of paper away.and ignore it until next time I have to do one of these things!

    • Based on the info I gathered, I’d recommend it (assuming you find a trainer you’re comfortable with… There’s a lot of touching)

      Whether its worthwhile long term… Can’t say. Others seem to have mixed opinions…

  3. I had my measurements taken ages ago. I expected them to tell me my body fat percentage etc, but they didn’t so I left pretty bummed out. They gave me a training program but I’m kind of bored of it now so am thinking of getting reassessed. It would have helped me get results if I was super regular at the gym! 😛

  4. PS: Don’t feel bad about your triceps. Every woman has them. My Nan calls them her Bingo Wings. 🙂 I was once waving goodbye to a friend and my dad looked at me and said “Maybe you should start doing pushups”…. … … :\

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