Why I’m Going Sugar Free


75.8kg.  It’s a big, ugly number and it’s growing.

I’ve gotten sloppy.
It’s not good enough.

I have to make changes and, from what I’ve read over the last month or so, this is how I’ll do it.


Why sugar, why not fat?

Well, firstly, it’s really fructose – not all sugars – that I’m cutting out.   Glucose and lactose… less of an issue.

The body processes fructose differently to the likes of protein and fats.  Without getting into the science of it all, there are a few differences:

  • When we eat fat or protein, the body releases hormones to tell our brain that we’re full.  Fructose doesn’t do that, so we can just keep eating and eating and eating and eating and eating…
  • Fructose does crazy things to our body when it tries to process it (while we’re eating and eating and eating and eating…) – spikes in blood sugar levels, and wreaks all sorts of havoc on our liver.

Plus, people much, much smarter than me are researching more into the effects of fructose on the body in other ways (to name a few):

  • its links with dementia,
  • its impact on fertility,
  • the way it inhibits the immune system,
  • as fuel for the development of cancer, and
  • its connection with adrenaline spikes, and anxiety issues.

So does that mean I should eat lots of fat?

Nope.  Still need to pick the good fats.  Stick with the healthy, good saturated fats and avoid the yucky stuff that was made in a lab!

17 thoughts on “Why I’m Going Sugar Free

  1. Can I just say thank you for sharing your weight? I know that for me, that would have taken a lot of mental strength/courage.
    And remember, muscle is denser than fat so you might weight more but you’ll smaller. 🙂

  2. Is this all from reading I Quit Sugar? did you read any other sugar books? Just thinking of borrowing a few of these from the library is all 🙂

  3. I wish you the best. Cutting off sugar entirely is something I tried but the whole idea of cutting all sugar off entirely was the problem for me. Maybe I’ll pick up some cues in your journey!

  4. Processed sugars are certainly bad and I wish you every success but I’m still wary of any elimination diet. Believe me I’ve tried most of them in the past. Balance, fresh, unprocessed food, portion control and exercise are the key to long term weight loss. I was almost 90kg, now I’m between 60 and 65 and have been for a few years.

    • I’m totally with you there – cutting out 100% of one food/nutrient/thing long term can’t be good. The idea of the IQS plan is to spend 8 weeks cutting everything you can out to reset your body an eliminate cravings. Then the idea is to reintroduce things like fruit slowly until you find the right balance/sugar intake for your body. It’s also important to note that it doesn’t exclude ALL sugar – just fructose. Glucose, etc, is still super important to running a healthy body 🙂

      I like to think of it like giving up smoking – I’m not giving up breathing, just limiting the bad stuff I inhale with it!

  5. Huh. I had no idea it could be linked to those things. Makes me wonder about myself because of my crappy immune system and high anxiety. Now I wonder how much fructose I’m consuming a day…

    • Try adding it up! Sarah suggests doing it as you get further through the plan… It’s quite eye-opening. I got a half-way-ish number and was so shocked I had to stop…

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