IQS: Week One – How it Went

This past week has gone easier than expected. Sure, I wanted sugary sweets – especially chocolate – but I found it relatively easy to curb cravings with pre-prepared snacks.

I wasn’t perfect this week – I cheated with one amazing chocolate cake with the best ganache I’ve ever tasted. It was for a friend’s birthday, so I wasn’t going to say no (that’d be rude!). I did keep it to a small slice, though.

But the proof is in the sugar-free pudding, isn’t it?

This whole experiment is about making my body a healthier, better oiled machine. And lose some weight in the process.

So, what does my body think?

This morning I weighed in at 74.4kg, after only 6 days. That’s well over a kilo down from my initial weigh in. Fantastic progress, and I’m absolutely stoked about it!

It’s getting easier to read the hunger signs my body is giving me. This is probably a combination of a bunch of things including my conscious efforts to actually listen to them. I eat when I’m hungry. Don’t snack unless my body tells me it needs fuel.

I’m fuller for longer, because my body’s getting good fats and protein. Sugar isn’t overriding my hormones like it used to (though I’m sure there’s still a little of that going on).

I’m eating dairy with very little issue – for the first time in 4-5 years.

Mentally, I don’t feel like I’m giving up everything. With my Paleo experiment, this was hard. Really hard. I felt like eating was emotional blackmail. Now, all I’m giving up is fructose – and I can get plenty of sweet stuff from other sources.

What tricks am I taking with me into Week Two?

  • Plan meals ahead. Bring snacks, even if you don’t end up eating them.
  • Full-fat dairy is my friend, when eaten right. Cheese curbs cravings!
  • Peppermint tea is an excellent dessert – tasty, special, and the mint after taste deters from wanting to eat anything after.

Who else is trying the IQS programme (or similar)?