IQS: Week Two – What’s the Plan?

Week two is a lot like week one. Cut the sugar consumption riiiiiiiiight down. The key to week two is replacing sugar with (good) fat.

It should be relatively straight forward because that’s been my approach for the week just been.

I think my focus this week is to keep up the fat-for-sugar switches, and try a bunch of new recipes to extend my list of go-to meals.

Sarah’s cookbook should be good for that!

4 thoughts on “IQS: Week Two – What’s the Plan?

  1. I think cutting sugar is definately the way to go. When I went vegan I stopped eating cakes, biscuits, sweets, yoghurts etc because they all had dairy products in. I have lost 7lb fat and according to my fat percentage and calculations only 0.5 % is muscle loss. I don’t think it’s the vegan ism per se that makes the difference but cutting out the sugar. I find that I don’t get hungry any more, I don’t get food cravings just proper rumbly tummy hungry which goes away when I eat something! Have you found a difference in appetite?

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