IQS: Week Three – Yup, I’m Really Doing This

Hold on to your hats boys, we’re going full speed ahead now!  Week Three is a big one…

I have to go cold turkey.  Oh Em Gee.

Not just cold turkey from fructose – which I’ve been following 99% of the last two weeks – but cutting out the artificial sweeteners, too.

The artificial sweeteners were only allowed “for now” in the first couple of weeks – as an alternative to the full-sugar stuff.  But now… it’s getting kicked to the curb.  Stevia’s okay.  The rest can eat my shorts.

Sarah’s book gives a lot of hints on how to get through the week – including suggestions for good suggestions, and how to extract the right information from food labels.

Did you know that the first 4.7g of sugar from full-fat dairy products is lactose, and milk with only 4.7g of sugar is fair game – there is no fructose.  And lactose is sweet enough to help fight off some of the cravings.

Which is super helpful, and I should’ve remembered this last night before caving and savouring a couple of very tasty chocolate biscuits.  And by a couple, I mean like… 5.  Maybe 6.  I tried to blank it out of my memory and started right back on track this morning.

I’m feeling good about heading into this week – but it won’t be a walk in the park.  Going cold turkey is hard enough, but I’ll be out of town for work during the week, too.  Trips away are fun, but this one is fully catered by work… and I don’t know how much choice I’m going to have.

How will it all play out?  Who knows.
Watch this space…