Is the IQS Programme Paleo?

In a nutshell; no.  Quitting sugar on the IQS plan is not a paleo diet.


If I compare my paleo experience with the one I’m currently working through – they’re completely different.  Well and truly different.

When I stuck to a paleo diet, I ate a lot of fruit.  It made up probably a third of my daily food intake.  Possibly even more.  That’s a crazy amount of sugar.  So much sugar.  Without it, I probably would’ve strangled somebody.  Paleo – for my lifestyle – felt so restrictive.  There were huge blocks of food-groups that I couldn’t have in my house.

Quitting sugar doesn’t cut giant chunks of the food pyramid (which, granted, is still completely wrong).  I’m just cutting out fructose.  A type of sugar.  I can have similar meals to what I had before, just by being really  conscious of the ingredients and ‘tweaking’ them if I have to.  It’s a bit of work, sure, once you’ve got your head around it it’s easy.

IQS means no fructose.

Paleo means no dairy, processed foods, legumes, grains, starchy food, and alcohol.

Either way may work best for different people – there probably isn’t one right way to eat for everyone.  Especially if we’ve all been abusing our bodies for years… that’s got to mess with your body chemistry to a certain extent, right?  Both ‘diets’ (for a lack of a better term) seek to address this abuse, but there are massive assumptions from both plans that we’ve all done the same kind of damage.

Which one’s better?  

For me, quitting sugar is showing more immediate results but it’s still early days.
Am I willing to make a blanket statement which I expect to apply to everybody?  Heck no.  That is a massive trap.

Find which works for you.  And who knows, you might just go paleo and cut out fructose, too.  If it works… I admire your self-discipline.  Seriously.