IQS: Week Three – Bump In The Road


This week wasn’t as effective as prior weeks because I wasn’t as effective as prior weeks.

Todays weigh-in puts be at 73.8kg – 400g up from last week.  That’s not ideal.  But I know why it happened.

I was out of town for work during the week – having everything catered for me.
Because I was out of town and busy, I didn’t make it to the gym nearly as much as I should have.
Because I was busy I wasn’t making my own, home cooked dinners and lunches.
I was back in my earlier trap of dinners out, and having to buy lunch the next day (no tasty leftovers).

These are not excuses, these are reasons.  Reasons I have identified and will work to counteract this coming week.
If I wasn’t prepared to change them, they’d fester away and turn into excuse after excuse after excuse.

I will not let that happen. 

I have confidence that this plan will work.  So I’m back on track today.
I will boss today so hard it won’t know what hit it.   I am making today my b!tch.

Watch out Saturday, here I come.