IQS: Week Four – What It’s Got In Store

Before you settle in to read this post, do you want to go right back to the beginning – to day one? You can find all the IQS posts here. Or, just start from the first post here.

Last week didn’t go exactly to plan, so Week Four is going to be super important for me. I want to succeed, and following the Plan is helping me do that.

With that in mind, I’ve set myself a list of things I intend to do this week to keep me on track:

  • Use Sunday to clean the house. A clean, clear environment helps me keep a clean, clear mindset – making it so much easier to keep focused on the task(s) at hand.
  • Spend Sunday afternoon cooking up a bunch of Plan-friendly meals to reheat when life gets hectic during the work week.
  • Snack. Last week, I limited my snacking and ended up stuffing my face full of not-so-good foods at meal times. I wasn’t necessarily hungry between meals, but I certainly noticed it once food was in front of me!
  • Take packed lunches to work. Even the healthiest salad bars in town use balsamic vinegar (or worse!) on their salads. Too much sugar to eat comfortably, even if it does taste so damn good (hey, wait, that’s probably the sugar).
  • Take a water bottle with me everywhere. Everywhere. Seriously, everywhere.
  • Invest in some more tasty teas. The best Christmas present I got last year was a sampler pack of fancy teas from T Leaf T from the Tall One. Brewing up a mug of delicious-smelling (and tasting) tea helps curb the cravings and after-dinner munching. Sadly, they’re all almost gone, so it’s time to invest in some full-sized packs.

They’re all super simple points that aren’t hard to follow – I just have to be organised.

Here’s to Week Four!

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