IQS: These Damn Headaches


They weren’t around in the beginning.  But when they did show up… BAM! There’s no escaping them now.

I’ve had 3 shockers in the last 4 days.

Light flashing, like looking through a camera that – try as it might – can’t focus.  The stabbing pains up through my neck and to the top of my head are extreme.  It’s not unlike when I started taking citalopram – but they, at least, were easily fixed with a nap.

These are monstrous headaches that make me want to hide from the world.

Here’s hoping that they will go away soon.  The internet is telling me “days or weeks”, which isn’t overly reassuring.

If you don’t hear from me in a couple of days, my head may well have blown up. 

3 thoughts on “IQS: These Damn Headaches

  1. Oh shithouse! Sending you ‘get well’ wishes. I’m cooped up here in my prison of a house feeling like I have a head inside my head!! This chest infection is running havoc!
    Lady days coming up? Stress? Whatever it is for ya, hope it buggers off! Not conducive to miles run!

  2. Hope the headaches improve – I’m sure it’s your bodies way of “detoxing”. You’re on citalopram? I got put on it early Feb. Didn’t have headaches but had a bit of feeling ill in the tummy and felt a bit weird. All good now though. I do find I’m more tired than I used to be – but I’m wondering if it related to getting up earlier than I used to and working out more often. Did you ever find you were more tired than normal? Sorry to kinda go off on a tangent here!

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