Hardly a Foodie


Yeah, I’m no foodie.  But I sure do love my food.  

It’s been a mixed bag food-wise these past few days.  It all tasted good – I just don’t know how much was good for me.

Date night consisting of Italian food, cocktails and gold-lounge movies was a pretty awesome Friday night in my book.


And wasn’t too unhealthy, either.  Apart from the dessert (but we’ll pretend that I didn’t eat that, mmk?)


Then I got lazy – a chunk of grilled halloumi for dinner on Saturday, and then out again for lunch on Sunday – pub grub – and I was busted eating the fruit garnish in our water (it was the first bit of apple I’d eaten in 9-10 weeks, can you blame me?).

Tonight was a tasty eye fillet, with roast potatoes & salad on the side.  Both delicious and on plan.


Eating out doesn’t have to be bad.  If you pick the right foods – and stick to the right portions (that’s not a serve of potatoes, and that is definitely a lot of garlic butter) – you can make it work for you.

That being said, I love roast potatoes and ate a few* too many tonight.  Afterall, what’s life if you don’t live it?  It’s all very well adding years on to your life span – but if you can’t enjoy it, what’s the point?

You can keep your sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll – some days I just want me some potatoes.